Oxford United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
God is on the Move

Oxford's Declaration of Love

Oxford UMC's Declaration of Love:

The global General Conference of the United Methodist Church voted last Tuesday to reaffirm our denomination's stance on human sexuality as outlined in the Book of Discipline, guidelines our church has always followed, and will continue to follow.   The situation is still in flux, and what future decisions may be made by the Conference, and in what direction, we do not know.
From that decision, our active and retired Pastors, and our Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) have prayerfully resolved that Oxford United Methodist Church will be the same Church this Sunday as we were last Sunday.

Oxford UMC is a loving church family, diverse in our backgrounds. Our doors will be open, we will not check credentials, all are welcome, all will be loved. Because our Bible, the inspired Word of God, tells us that we are all His children, all with sacred worth, and all deeply and unconditionally loved by God.

Let us continue our ministries, united.  Let us be the church of Jesus Christ!